Time To Move

    Bazaar Royale is a composer and a lyricist that challenges the status quo. His sound "Aggressive Soul" is poised to knock the industry's paradigm of categorized music from its foundation, forcing minds to prescribe to a new way of thinking about what music is and what music can be. He taps into the well of his life experience delivering music that is rich in contradictions. In songs like, "Hardtimes Celebrate" and "Pain" he's a soldier for the disadvantaged- a messenger of hope who makes listeners believe in their innate goodness, and the ability to create an idyllic world order. Defiant and selfish in songs like "Outlaw City" and "Love the Danger", he dares anyone to stand in his way. He's fearless as he mines his pain and his hope, much in the same way he mines the genres of hop-hop, rock and rhythm & blues to create a new sound. He knows no limi- tation in his quest to create his musical destiny. Bazaar Royale is a Rock Star. Like James Brown is the "Godfather of Soul", Bazaar Royale is the "Prince of Ghetto Metal". His musical style is all his own, he does what he does naturally. His raspy, bluesy yet soulful voice, combined with his "Aggressive soul/rock music", his intense energy, and his heartfelt lyrics, is something that is a rarity in artists today. He has amassed a following that has caused a movement. He is the Artist's Artist. He IS "GHETTO METAL”.